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Ti Sento Jewellery

24 Jun


At the beginning of the Summer I was invited to the Ti Sento flagship store in the Trafford Centre to take a look at their collection.

To be honest, I had not really paid any attention to the beautiful, sleek, white, sparkly shop up until now as their collection is silver probably because I am a gold girl and it wouldn’t generally be on my radar. However, I was not disappointed.

The shop itself is beautiful and inviting. It definitely has a high end feel without the high end prices and the staff are very approachable and friendly. You know sometimes when you enter a designer shop and you feel distinctly uncomfortable as you meet the frosty glares of the staff? Not at Ti Sento.

So, Ti Sento launched its first collection in early 2003 and the brand has continued to stay on trend and in fashion. It is well known across Europe and is already well established in the UK. It is great that they chose Manchester to have their flagship store rather than London!

The collection of rhodium plated sterling silver jewellery contains rings, wrist wear, necklaces and earrings in stunning designs and dazzling colours. Ti Sento is an Italian brand which means “I feel you”. All their jewellery is designed to make the wearer feel ultra special. All the stones are hand set and each piece has a romantic and feminine feel with a contemporary twist.

I was impressed by the wide range of designs on offer. If you love simple, delicate pieces or bold, statement pieces there is something for you!

The jewellery is meant to mix and match so you can change your look. Their ear charms are so clever.  you can keep your look understated with a simple hoop for the office and then pile on the bling for cocktails after work! How gorgeous are these?


I loved their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Il Giorno Nuovo, which was a welcome burst of colour. They have taken inspiration from light, colours and structures and the jewellery reminds me of the ocean and beautiful sandy beaches.


My favourites, though, are the cocktail rings – simply gorgeous! I will definitely be adding one to my collection very soon.


If you are looking to treat yourself or you are looking for a keepsake or gift for a loved one, why not pop in to Ti Sento at the Trafford Centre? I have already taken a couple of Personal Shopping clients into the store and they love it! You will be sure to find the perfect gift – which comes in a beautiful presentation pouch to make your shopping experience extra special!


Get the lowdown on Jacques Vert #alldressedup

6 May

susan-styles-you-jacques-vert-1Last week I attended a fashion show for Jacques Vert in Debenhams, Manchester.

Although this is not a brand I would usually choose for myself, I was very interested to see what their collection was like for my Personal Shopping clients.

I was greeted with a glass of Prosecco and a cup cake, which is always a good start 🙂 and shown to my seat.

Jacques Vert is synonymous with elegant occasion wear and this collection did not disappoint. Everything was head to toe glamour and the collection is guaranteed to turn heads! Their versatile outfits are designed exclusively with exquisite style and are complemented with an array of hats, bags, shoes and a variety of other attractive accessories. This means that customers can shop for the ‘total outfit’. Jacques Vert staff are well equipped to help you choose your perfect outfit for any occasion. They also provide a Personal Shopping service for that extra special touch. It was refreshing to see that styles are available up to a size 24.


I loved the bright and bold colour in this floral dress with matching bolero – a perfect fusion of classic and botanical. Crafted in a printed satin fabric, this standout piece is fully lined with a concealed centre-back zip. A back vent, flattering round neck and a style that sits just below the knee all contribute to one stylish silhouette. The silver metallic dress with luxury lace overlay is understated yet stylish. I adore the extremely flattering sheer half sleeves. It also features beautiful bead embellishment around the neckline and premium scalloped edging at the neckline and hem – just gorgeous!


And how cheeky is this on trend colour block dress with a flash of fuchsia at the hem. If you have a great set of pins, this is the dress to show them off. I could see our lovely Kate in this dress!


And finally, this cute polka dot dress with matching jacket is perfect for Mother of the Groom. This stunning dress is enhanced with fun and fabulous feminine features. With flattering mid sleeves, a scalloped neckline, black chiffon belt and a detachable floral corsage. Of course, you can’t go wrong with monochrome and this dress ticks all the boxes. White is always a fresh look and the black belt creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

The regular Jacques Vert customers were certainly chomping at the bit to get shopping after the fashion show! I will certainly be be bringing my Personal Shopping clients here when they need an occasion outfit. So, if you have a wedding to attend, or maybe a day at the races, or even tea with the Queen! Jacques Vert will become your go to shop with bright and smiling staff eager to assist you!

From “Rubbish” to Radiant!

21 Apr

Meet Sally:

sally b4

Sally contacted me recently with the following email:

“Hello my name is Sally. I need help I am so rubbish at styling myself and I live in Manchester City Centre and I feel self conscious walking around. I am fed up and want to dress nice. Look forward to hearing from you soon”

Sounds like a job for Susan Styles You!

I have used the words “rubbish” in the title as that is Sally’s word. Of course Sally isn’t rubbish – as you can see, she is young and pretty with a fab figure – but with no confidence to put together an outfit, incorporating accessories. Her safe bet – as it is with many people, was boring black.

We booked a Personal Shopping trip in the diary.

So fast forward a week and, after filling in a questionnaire and sending me a few pics, we meet in Manchester to rescue Sally.

I knew as soon as I met her that, with her lovely brown eyes and tanned skin, she would look great with bright and warm colours. This is an outfit we bought – TADA!

sally after

I accessorised the outfit with one of my necklaces – as Sally booked 4 hours of Personal Shopping with me, she qualified for £50 worth of FREE accessories!

So, what do you think? What a fabulous look for Sally! She looks positively radiant! Her skin is glowing – her teeth and eyes look brighter – and HURRAY she is smiling!

During our trip, we pulled together a collection of clothes and accessories that Sally could mix and match and wear from casual to evening with effortless ease. She was so pleased with her new look and here is what she had to say after the trip:

“I love my new look I went out last night for tea and felt a million dollars as they say hehe… I have learnt alot and ive started wearing green eyeliner instead of black and the difference is amazing. I cant thank you enough if I need anything il defo be in touch and il recommend you to any of my friends”

What can I say? Job done 🙂

Do you need help with your wardrobe?

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Wearing black is slimming right?

16 Jan
Wearing black is slimming right?


Black can make you look slimmer but it depends on how you wear it, the weight of the fabric, the texture of the fabric and the cut of the clothing. If you are feeling a bit self conscious of your tummy area, you may be inclined to wear baggier and baggier clothes, thinking that you are disguising it. Unfortunately, this will have the opposite effect. I have news for you. Wearing shapeless clothes will make you look bigger!

Actually, ANY dark colour will make you look slimmer (black isn’t even a colour, in fact, its an absence of colour). Think about a room. If you paint it a dark colour, it appears smaller, if you paint it a light colour, the room appears larger. It is the same with clothes. Plus, as we mature, black can start to become a bit draining and we might need to wear a bit more make-up to lighten things up. So why choose boring black when there are so many other lovely colours to wear.

What about these for starters:

Teal (universally flattering) teal

Purple purple

Pewter pewter

Olive olive

Navy (tres chic) navy

Forest Green forest green

Chocolate Brown chocolate

Aubergine aubergine

As I mentioned previously, it is how you wear your dark colours that can make you look slimmer and wearing colour strategically is a great way to trick the eye. Look at the two outfits above. The outfit on the left is how most of us would wear black We have our safe black jacket and trousers and then we think, “let’s add a splash of colour with a bright top” (usually a baggy top too). Because there is contrast between the bright top and the dark trousers, it is cutting the body in half, making it appear shorter and wider. The jacket is also very boxy with no shape and is made of a stiff fabric which will not sit well over curves.

Now let’s look at the outfit on the right. The v neck of the dress opens up the decolletage. The dress is slightly shaped and the fabric has stretch in it which is very flattering for curves. The softness of the cardigan is much better for curves than a stiff, boxy jacket, plus it creates vertical lines down the body to lengthen it and make it appear slimmer. The scarf, worn long and straight means the eye is drawn up and down the body, again making it appear longer and leaner – it is all a clever illusion! Magic innit?

Confused by Colour? I can help!



07801 341526

Look fabulous and feel confident in 2014!

3 Jan

susan styles you glamourThe holiday festivities are over and without the social occasions and shiny lights to jolly you along, those New Year’s resolutions can look a little harsh in the cold light of January. To make sure you kick start that ‘new you’/new career/fitness regime (whatever your goal may be) into action, you need to begin by giving yourself a fabulous confidence boost.

A phrase that is often bandied about at this time of year is “New Year – New You” well why should it be a new you? Why not just become a better version of what you already are? Your overall image, including clothes, hairstyle and make-up, has a huge effect on how you feel and how others see you. If you look in the mirror and feel dull and uninspired then that is what you will project to family, friends and colleagues.If this sounds like you, it is time to rethink your wardrobe and your look

“Elegance is the result of a natural equilibrium between simplicity, looking after oneself and intelligence. All this generates the attitude we call elegance. It is a quality which, contrary to popular belief, does not require deep pockets.” Georgio Armani

Would you like to become a well dressed woman? I can help you achieve this. A well dressed woman is someone who wears clothes that complement her natural colouring, flatter her body shape, reflect her style personality, are appropriate and current. Style isn’t just about wearing great clothes, its about wearing clothes that look great on you! If you are struggling to work out what really suits you, make 2014 the year you discover how to dress for success, every time.

Think about your personal style at the moment. Maybe there is a celebrity whose style you admire. Many of the most stylish women in the world have not been great beauties but have drawn on an enormous amount of self-confidence. They make us think they are beautiful simply by believing it themselves!

Think about what colours you have in your wardrobe at the moment. Maybe you have no colour at all! Wearing the right colours will make you look younger, healthier and more vibrant, in fact it is better than botox!

Expressing yourself through clothes, accessories and colours is such an important aspect of feeling and looking good. Just look at the transformation in these before and after photos!

susan styles you GWEN_BEFsusan styles you GWEN_AFT
Why not make 2013 the year you feel your best and have the confidence to achieve your goals and dreams?

One of my lovely clients from 2013 said I was “like a gardener planting a seed” Let’s get started!

Contact me on 07801 341526 or susan@susanstylesyou.com

Why you need to be “Colourised”

20 Dec

brookeMeet Brooke. Brooke contacted me recently because he wanted to up the ante in the style department but had no idea what colour analysis was at all.

When he arrived, I quickly realised that he was already a very stylish chap but he was wearing colours that were a bit dull and drab. With his amazing bright blue eyes and dark hair, I explained to Brooke that sludgy and muted colours would make him look pale and drawn and that he would look amazing in bright and contrasting colours. As I showed him some fabulous colours like Chinese Blue, Bright Periwinkle and Emerald Turquoise, he slowly started to “get it”, but he absolutely drew the line at Blush Pink! “I am from Scarborough – I can’t walk around Scarborough in Blush Pink!”

So, after we got a date in the diary for some Personal Shopping he left with his little wallet. Fast forward a few weeks and we meet in Manchester to shop. I had already picked out some things for him to try on, including this pink jumper, which I tentatively showed him and he agreed to try on, at least. I was delighted that absolutely loved it and immediately bought it. Yay!

I was as pleased as punch when he sent me this picture of himself and his lovely grandparents wearing the jumper (in Scarborough)! Just look at how bright his eyes look and how clear his skin looks!

Since men don’t wear make-up (usually) they don’t have the advantage that women do of being able to make their complexion look flawless. So, it is even more important that the colour you wear near your face complements your natural skin tone. Understanding your colour type, and taking the time to consider your overall look, will improve your appearance in more ways than one. You may soon have a new approach to your grooming and fitness routines that make for a happier and healthier you too! And Brooke is living proof of that!

Do you need to be “Colourised”?

Get in touch with me for further details.

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City Break Chic

20 Sep
City Break Chic

After being “Colourised”, Debbie came back for a Style Consultation. She was heading off on a stylish city break and wanted some outfit ideas. Debbie usually dressed more casually but wanted something a bit chic for this trip.

When we looked at colours, Debbie looked amazing in Baby Pink and it just so happens to be one of the top trends for this season. It looks fabulous with black, but black is a bit too harsh for Debbie’s colouring so I teamed it with some charcoal grey. Debbie has a lovely hourglass figure so I chose some trousers from Marks and Spencer with a side zip fastening – so much more flattering on curvy ladies. I teamed it with a Baby Pink ribbed peplum jumper from Reiss – the peplum will draw attention to her small waist. The coat has a self tie belt which will also emphasise her waist and keep her cosy. Nude patent wedges are comfy, yet stylish for all that walking around. A pair of soft grey sunnies are much more flattering for Debbie and they will also add a touch of glam! I accessorised with a lady like Guess bag, a cute little butterfly print scarf from M&S and some delicate silver jewellery from Stella and Dot.

Debbie loves this look and it has inspired her try out new ideas when she next goes shopping.

Are you stuck in a style rut? I can help.

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