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Baby it’s cold outside!

6 Feb

The temperatures have plummeted rececently and sometimes it is difficult to look stylish yet keep warm at the same time. Your go to option should be faux fur – very on trend right now and perfect for keeping you nice and toasty!


Faux fur for the ultimate in every day glamour

Just one plush garment can shield you from the elements and make you look luxuriously snug (and smug) – faux fur.

From teddy bear coats to subtle fluffy trims, there’s a Winter wonder to suit everyone’s furry fashion limit. Why not be faux fur fabulous with all this cold weather around?

Full pelt

A thick, faux fur coat has Winter written all over it. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s a sound overcoat investment for the big freeze months, from November through to March.

Colour is all-important when selecting your faux fur. If you have a Warm skin tone go for the browns, fawns and camels, should you have a Cool skin tone choose grey or black fur.

There are also lots of animal print furs which are the ultimate statement if you have a Dramatic or Creative style personality. Leopard used to be the go-to print, but now you’ll find Friesian cow or Dalmatian spots, if you prefer a quirky monochrome colour way.

Furry trims

Faux fur can be used as a glamorous accent on clothes, almost like tinsel on a Christmas tree, but minus sparkle.

You can pretty much forgo a scarf if you opt for a winter coat with a generous faux fur or shearling collar. The bigger the collar, the bigger the style statement.

Avoid a furry collar if you’re bigger busted, as it’s likely to exaggerate your proportions but, conversely, if you’re lacking in that area, it can boost your assets.

Generous faux fur trims on hemlines are the latest way to draw attention to your legs. Ensure you keep your pins streamlined in skinny jeans, leggings or tights, so that the fur can frame your limbs to the max.

This Dr. Zivago look never disappoints on the glam stakes.

Fluffy extras

Embrace the fluff factor with Siberia-inspired extras. Keep the cold out with furry snoods and scarves draped over shoulders, big hats – Cossack style – cuddling heads, and mittens over paws – all easy ways to add fur accents to your look.

If you want a colour contrast, the high street has rainbow bright numbers for a fun approach. Many of the above are available in the shops now at extraordinary discounts.

Throw practicality out of the window with this season’s surprise fuzzy evening extras: think sandals trimmed with fluffy marabou and clutch bags decked out in cosy shearling. They won’t keep you warm but they will look furry fabulous.

It just so happens that I have some fab bargains for you too! I have lots of faux fur items and vintage inspired gloves listed on Ebay right now! I have a Buy it Now price but you can make me an offer – I need to get rid of all my Winter stock so do take a look. Click on the picture below to have a browse.

brown faux fur

Would you like to learn more about your personal colouring, style personality or what shape would suit you best? Why not book an appointment with me?

Contact me at susan@susanstylesyou.com or 07801 341526



Magnificent Marsala

10 Jan

So Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2015 is Marsala – a shade the company says will enrich the human mind, body and soul.

Marsala makes for an elegant, grounded statement, whether it stands on its own or serves as a strong accent alongside other colours.

“Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth” said Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone Colour Institute’s executive director.

It’s a really luxurious and romantic colour. Imagine deep, burgundy wines waiting to meet your lips.

This hearty yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors” Eiseman states.

It is not an easy colour to wear, however. How will you be incorporating this trending colour into your wardrobe? I have some tips to help you.

Do you have mousey hair that you may have highlighted à la Jennifer Aniston?


Marsala on you will create an elegant and sophisticated look when you wear it head to toe. As a block colour, wear it with one of your neutral shades; try it with Taupe or Rose Brown.

Do you have very light blonde hair and pale blue or green eyes like Gwyneth Paltrow?


Wear Marsala if you are looking for an understated look on its own, or with Stone or Pewter shades. For a more colourful ensemble, wear it with Petrol or Light Teal.

Are you a red-head like Emma Stone?


Go for the Wow factor when you wear it with your Orange Reds and the Greens in your palette such as Turquoise and Lime.

Do you have dark hair and dark eyes like Eva Longoria?


You will bring Marsala into your wardrobe in a print together with your Burgundies, Aubergines, Damsons and purples.

Do you have dark hair and bright eyes like the Duchess of Cambridge?

10-Duchess-of-Cambridgesusan-styles-you-marsala-pantoneemerald turquoise

Marsala is a soft and muted colour so it would not be the first choice for you. However, it can work as part of a print with shades such as Chinese Blue, Emerald Turquoise or Fern, for example. Or you may want to opt for an accessory, but not a necklace or scarf as they are too close to the face; bracelets and handbags would work a treat.

Do you have silver, platinum or salt and pepper hair like Jamie-Lee Curtis?

jamie leesusan-styles-you-marsala-pantonesilver grey

You will wear Marsala when you prefer a softer approach to colour in your wardrobe. Wear it with greys from Charcoal to Silver Grey.

One piece of advice for everyone, if Marsala is close to your face, make sure the lipstick you wear works with it and doesn’t clash, unless you want to achieve a creative or dramatic look.

For those with a cool, pink undertone try Colour Me Beautiful Plumberry susan-styles-you-plumberry

For those with a warm, peach undertone try Colour Me Beautiful Mochaberry susan-styles-you-mochaberry

Not sure whether Marsala will work for you? You need to be Colourised! Come and discover how to look younger, more healthy and more vibrant just by wearing the right colours. Don’t forget, if you book and pay for a Colour Consultation before the end of January 2015, I am throwing in up to £25 worth of FREE ACCESSORIES! An offer not to be missed! Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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Time to get “Colourised”!

27 Nov

4 girls

If you think knowing your colours is not relevant to you I hope that this picture changes your mind!

These four lovely ladies came for a Colour Party a few months ago and it has had a dramatic effect on them! Look how bright their eyes look and how glowing their faces are. I showed each of them how to apply a natural day time make-up using colours from the Colour Me Beautiful make-up range, specially selected for each of them. I then gave them all a different scarf to wear. How fabulous do they look? And no black in sight!

The most dramatic transformation is the lady with the orange scarf on. When I tested her, I noticed how blue her eyes were, looked at her naturally dark hair and immediately suggested that she ditch the blonde. By pulling her hair back to show the lovely rich dark colours, I then draped her in some bright, jewel tones and her eyes just popped. Encouraged by her friends telling her that she looked amazing with dark hair she began to change her opinion during the afternoon. By the time she was leaving, she had scraped her hair into a bun so the dark hair was more visible :-). She has been emailing pictures of her transformation from blonde to dark brown and the difference is incredible.

This was from her last email to me:

“Just to let you know I’ve gone darker and love it; I’ll prob go darker again next time. My eyes do look bluer and my skin has more colour. Thank you!”

And this from the party organiser:

“We had an amazing time yesterday thank you. I absolutely love my new scarves and have had people saying how lovely I look all day today wearing the green one. Jane and Gill have both been clearing out their wardrobes and wearing their colours today. Thank you for everything.”

As they were leaving, one of the party couldn’t find her phone, to which one exclaimed “Who needs mobile phones when we have our colour swatches!”

Time to get “Colourised”?



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England’s first shopaholic?

23 Aug

susanstylesyou emily wardrobe

If you are in Liverpool in the near future, I suggest you pop over to the Walker Art Gallery and take in Mrs Tinne’s Wardrobe. It is a must for vintage fans!

I paid a visit yesterday and was fascinated by the exhibition and also the story of Mrs Tinne.

Emily Tinne was born to missionaries in India. From a modest upbringing, she quickly became a wealthy woman when she married her husband Phiip Tinne, a doctor who was a man of substantial private means. Philip Tinne was heir to the Tinne fortune, derived from the family’s sugar and ship businesses.

Emily found herself suddenly being able to afford whatever she so desired. Some say that she became one of England’s first shopaholics, amassing a secret collection of thousands of items of clothing, most of which she never wore (step aside Coleen Rooney). Her family described their mother as a pleasant woman who loved to buy nice things because she had has such a staunch and strict upbringing.

She had over 300 dresses, 50 coats, (30 fur ones) and 150 hats. It is estimated that she spent in the region of £90,000 to £100,00 on her expensive habit. Surprisingly, the collection does not contain lavish designer labels. She preferred to shop in local department stores such as Owen Owens, Bon Marche and George Henry Lee. These stores were kind of like the modern day Top Shop who made copies of designer clothes, but much better quality.

You can see the range of tastes and changing fashion over the years (1910 to 1939. The collection ranges from mundane to glitzy and glamorous, from late Edwardian to 1920s dropped waists to 1930s tailoring. The sizes also change quite a lot. When she married, she had a 16 inch waist, but giving birth to 7 children meant her dresses expanded throughout the years. She favoured subdued colours such as greys, browns and greens.

She loved hats and gloves, but strangely she was not a lover of shoes.

susanstylesyou emily glovessusanstyles you emily Green-cloche-hat

She had an amazing fur collection. This was my favourite – so dramatic and just gorgeous! It is silk with angora fur trim. It was purchased from George Henry Lee, between 1930 and 1936. This was probably never worn. Emily loved glamorous clothes but her appearance was always very understated and some would even say quite drab and she maybe never had the courage to wear them.

I so wanted to try it on.

susanstylesyou emily fur-coat

Emily Tinne did not have many occasions to wear the glamourous evening gowns she purchased. It is suggested that her husband would have disapproved of the low cut, sleeveless gowns she loved so much. The couple did not appear to have an active social life so many of the clothes remained in their original wrappings and stored in trunks.

So, why did she shop but not wear these items of clothing? Some say she was just bored. However, others say that she bought expensive items as she desperately wanted to help the shop assistants who were only paid on commission in those days. During the 1930s the Depression plunged Liverpool into poverty and this was perhaps her way of contributing to the war effort. Emily Tinnes could in fact be described as philanthropist. I like to think this was the reason as it was such a shame these lovely clothes were kept hidden away.

The collection stops abruptly at the start of the 2nd World War. Emily, like everyone else had to “make do and mend”. Some suggest that, by the time the War was over, Emily was now in her 60s and maybe her passion for fashion was over.

This will NOT be the case for me I can promise you!


Handbags at Dawn

26 Jul

“But why do we find bags so desirable? It’s partly because they’ve become a unique outward statement of a woman’s status, fashion savvy and earning power – and the rising popularity of handbags over the past 100 years has followed the increasing social independence of their owners” Daily Mail

I am in the market for a new handbag. Those of you who know me personally will be familiar with my Vivienne Westwood beige heart shaped handbag. I have had this bag for about 4 or 5 years now and I use it nearly every day. I always say that if I had a pound coin for every person who has liked or commented on my handbag , it would have paid for the handbag and probably more! By the way, it is not just women who compliment me on it but men too. Anyway. I am sorry to say it is starting to get a bit tatty now and I have already started to look for a replacement. I was devastated to discover that this particular bag is no longer available as I would have loved exactly the same one again. Ebay searches have proved fruitless. There is nothing in the new season Westwood collection that I am particularly drawn to. Therefore, my search has widened.

So, what am I looking for in this new handbag? Well, I would like something that I can use as an every day bag so the colour should be neutral, but it needs to make a statement too. As I am petite, I don’t want anything that will overwhelm my frame. My body shape suggests that a structured bag is more flattering than a squishy one. The metalwork has to be gold. BUT, then again, being a “Dramatic” Style Personality, I am likely to break all these rules if I find “THE ONE”. I don’t mind spending a bit on a handbag as I look at it as an investment – it is price per wear that counts not the actual price of the item.

I have been trawling around various websites in my quest and happened upon Boticca, and to be honest, I am finding myself drawn back to this one every time. The range of handbags is fantastic with lots of colours, shapes and styles. Boticca is THE online boutique for unique jewellery and fashion accessories. They are constantly on the look out for the very best emerging designers from around the world to feature on their website. Its more of a market place where you can interact with and buy directly from the designer.

There are lots that have caught my eye:

1. First up, I love this vintage style Alicia tote(was £245 now 30% off at £171.50). It has clean lines but with hint of romance and glamour. It has gold hardware. It can be used as a handbag or a cross body bag so pretty versatile. It is designed by Flaska Laverne from Madrid.

2. The Carlotta handbag (£167) is very elegant but quirkily made of wood so very ecological. I am not sure if it is a bit too large for me though. The designer is Embawo from Milan.

3. The Lulu cream tote (was £241.00 now 30% off at £168.70) is also vintage inspired and is very elegant. I love the timeless design and the vibrant colour pop. It has gold hardware and can be carried or worn cross body. My concern is that the red might not make it suitable for every day. BUT I am a dramatic! The Lulu is designed by Flaska Laverne in Madrid.

4. Finally the Brujo (was £266.00 now 30% off at £186.20) is a chic vintage style doctor’s bag. It can be work across the body. It is modern but won’t date easily. This is also designed by Flaska Laverne.

Which one to choose??? I want them all!

They have a fantastic sale on at the moment with some items at 70 per cent off! They also have FREE worldwide shipping! They don’t just sell handbags, they sell lovely scarves and jewellery too. Go grab yourself a cuppa and have a browse. Be warned – its addictive!

Style Around the Clock

13 Apr
Style Around the Clock

I am hoping to be the lucky winner of Max Studio’s Style Around the Clock #aroundtheclock competition to win a dream night out, plus the outfit that I featured in my post above.

My time would be 6pm to 9pm. I would love to spend the time having a girlie night out with some of my friends. I work so hard at my job as a Personal Stylist that it would be fab to have some time to chill out, eat some fantastic food and let my hair down.I have a dramatic style personality and I love to make an entrance which is why I have chosen an eye catching red dress. This particular dress would make me feel very special! I love the asymmetric  hemline and the luxe feel. I always wear heels and I am well known for my statement shoes. You would never catch me in flat shoes on a night out, no matter what the key trends are, you will find me in heels! The snake sandals really fit my style personality and really do make a statement and the stacked heel is lovely.

So my perfect night out. There are so many fabulous and stylish restaurants and bars in Manchester it would be difficult to choose. I think I would start my evening at my favourite cocktail bar Cloud 23 in the Hilton Hotel for cocktails – my all time favourite is a DGM (Dirty Gin Martini). Cloud 23 is on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel with stunning views of Manchester – it is especially on a Summer’s evening. It is THE place to be seen and also a fab place to people watch. We would then head across the road to super trendy Australasia for some amazing fusion food. I adore sushi and I love the fact that you can each choose several small dishes and share. We would probably stay on more more cocktails and listen to the cool tunes. 9pm is a little early to head home so maybe I would stretch the time slot a little!

Flat Out!

27 Feb
Flat Out!
Ok, I can hear some of you breathing a sigh of relief. Platforms are soooo last year darling! The new trend for Spring/Summer 2013 is flats. As some of you know I have a love affair with heels and the higher the better so, even though Victoria Beckham herself has been stepping out in flats, you can be assured that this is a trend I won’t be embracing!
Flats sleek enough to be dress shoes were teamed with tailored suits and even evening wear on the Spring runways of Marc Jacobs and Giorgio Armani.The appearance of the power flat may be a sign of the times as life gets faster, busier and more demanding. A flat shoe offers speed, better balance and comfort.However, comfy does not have to mean frumpy! Flat shoes can be just as exciting as heels if you pay attention to the design. This season’s flats are feeling really fresh and the perfect complement to Spring’s silhouettes. So above are my top tips on what’s hot right now on the High Street. Colour is King this Spring. There are flats in every shade under the sun from brights to pastels to neons. Make a statement with a stud embellishment or look for snakeskin and patent leather. There has been a carry over from Autumn/Winter with the retro men’s smoking slipper. Strangely, there are lots of velvet flats around this Spring.  Another Autumn/Winter trend that has continued is a metal toe and I have noticed lots of laser cuts too. Rounded toes are out, so choose a pointy toes to keep it modern and stylish. Great for kicking ass (ballet pumps just wouldn’t cut it!) with the added bonus of giving the illusion of a longer leg.

So how should you be wearing your flats this Spring/Summer? Think about the length of your skirt. Flats look best with a shorter skirt (an inch above the knee). Flats will make your legs appear shorter so showing a bit more leg will gain that length back. You can create a modern touch with a slight flare. Wearing flats with a skirt that falls below the knee can make you look frumpy.

Flats look great with capris or 7/8 length trousers. A flash of ankle looks chic with a nod to Jackie O. Make sure the hem of your trousers does not fall over the back of your shoe as this will look sloppy. Don’t wear your flats with leggings unless you want to look like an 80s throwback!

And remember, if you don’t want to go completely flat, choose a pair with a petite half inch heel. The teensiest big of height will make your legs look longer and leaner. I might just about manage that!