Coronation Street Tour

30 Apr

As a massive Coronation Street fan, I was delighted to be invited on a VIP tour of the cobbles recently.


In December last year, the cast and crew said goodbye to their Quay Street home and moved on to pastures new at the swanky Media City.

The Quay Street set has since opened its doors to the public for a limited period. The new tour includes fab sets of the Kabin, Prima Doner kebab shop and also Webster’s Garage.


Our VIP tour started in the Corrie institution that is the Rovers, where we were treated to a bacon butty (not Betty’s Hot Pot unfortunately) before the tour began. Guests on the tour have the opportunity to have their picture taken behind the famous bar, pulling a pint or whatever pose you care to strike. Official photos are available to purchase at the Gift Shop at the end of the tour.

I have to say that our tour guides were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and incredibly funny too! As this was a VIP tour, I was allowed access actually onto the sets – something which isn’t available to the general public. So I got to serve sweets from behind Rita’s counter at the Kabin and sit on Carla’s sumptuous sofa. I assure you, however, that this will not spoil your tour in the slightest!

It was fascinating hearing the stories of the stars and what goes on back stage. I was particularly fascinated by the marked difference between Carla’s old pad, with its chandeliers and glamorous red walls – indicating luxury and success. Also, her spotless kitchen – meaning she never cooks.


This, in stark contrast to Gail’s living room next door, with its dull beige interior and messy kitchen, not forgetting the comical addition of Kylie’s red leopard skin throw over the sofa – her way of injecting her cheeky personality into the house.


Other places included on the tour are the Green Room, dressing rooms and the knicker factory. Plus, there is lots of memorbila to discover too – the wedding outfits from Kirk and Beth’s 80s themed wedding, Deidre’s glasses and Ena Sharples’ hair net and much, much more!


There is something new to discover around every corner and the walls are covered with pictures and quotes from the characters everywhere – this was my favourite from Liz Macdonald!


The main thing that struck me was how small everything appeared to be and I cannot imagine how the cast and crew all squeeze in these tiny spaces to film.

Tickets for the Coronation Street tour are £17 for an adult and you can purchase your tickets here. The guided tour lasts for around 45 minutes, after which you are free to wonder the cobbles at your leisure for as long as you like. There are plenty of photo opportunities here outside Roy’s Rolls, Nick’s Bistro, the Rovers to name but a few – plus you can have a sneaky peek around the ginnels too! All in all, a great day’s entertainment and well worth a day out! Don’t leave it too long though, this tour closes on 4 October 2015!


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