Pssst! Do you wanna know a secret?

7 Aug

Being “Colourised” is better than Botox!!! – just by wearing the right colours, you will knock years off you, I promise. It is a lot cheaper than Botox, is not invasive and the effects will last a life time for sure!

susanstylesyou looking-younger

Did you know that most of us wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time because we instinctively feel better in some clothes than others? Once you know your colours you will understand WHY you feel better in that 15% of clothes!

The benefits of being “Colourised” are never ending, but here are my top 10:

1. You will look younger. Wearing the wrong colours next to your face will emphasise your fine lines, making you look older, tired, drawn, under the weather etc. Conversely, wearing the right colours next to your face will reflect light onto your face making you look fresh, modern and youthful.

2. Being “Colourised” is a lovely pampering experience but it is also an investment. You will recoup the money you invest in a Colour Consultation in less than a year

3. You will look healthier. Wearing the wrong colours next to your face will cast dark shadows on your face and can make your skin look a peculiar colour. Wearing the right colours next to your face will give your skin a wonderful glow, like you have just come back from holiday!

4. Your eyes will sparkle: Wearing the right colours next to your face will make your eyes really stand out.

5. You will look slimmer: Black may not be the most flattering colour for you – perhaps you will look amazing in Chocolate brown. Imagine painting a room a lighter colour – it makes the room look larger – painting it a darker colour will make it appear smaller.

7. You will enjoy shopping! – you will automatically zoom in on YOUR colours and ignore your wrong ones. You will save time and money because you will love and wear all the clothes you buy

8. Getting ready in the morning will become a breeze as everything will become more coordinated. Also, clothes in your wardrobe with the tags still attached will become a thing of the past

9. You will learn how to accessorise effectively. By knowing whether gold or silver jewellery and accessories suit you better, you can achieve a polished and more pulled together look

10. I love this one! Your attractiveness will be increased. Consequently, because you know you look good and feel fabulous, you will become more confident and more dynamic. I guarantee that you will receive LOTS of compliments and people will respond to you in a more positive way.

Look at these two pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow. Can you see how much fresher and alive she looks in pale pink and how black just overpowers and drains her? See how her eyes sparkle in pink and she just looks so pretty!

susanstylesyou gwyneth_paltrow_diamond_earrinsusanstylesyou Gwyneth-Paltrow-Black-Dress-Pictures-2012-Grammys

Next look at Anne Hathaway. She looks so much richer and exotic when wearing dark colours but the pale pink drains her and doesn’t bring out her best features.

susanstylesyou annesusanstylesyou Anne+Hathaway+Short+Hairstyles+Short+Side+tbjOjrY5qOul

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what a recent customer had to say:

Dear Susan

I really must thank you for the Colour Consultation; I think it was a real eye opener for both myself and my mum. We have both been completely inspired to re-examine our wardrobes and the colours we wear. We now realise that the clothes in our wardrobe which we never wear are always the wrong colours for us and that our favourite items are the right colours. It all makes sense now!

I adore my scarf and the lipstick, I wear them both all the time, they’re perfect and I feel like they really suit me. I will definitely invest in some more Colour Me Beautiful pashiminas soon, maybe a green or blue one in the right shade – it’s ideal for getting some colour into my work wardrobe. Thanks for the scarf tying videos, so many possibilities!

My mum has told me how much more confident she feels wearing the right colour make-up and has had lots of compliments. What a difference the right colours make. I am wondering about the Style Consultation for my mum, maybe later on this year as a Christmas present once her wardrobe has been thoroughly decluttered and only has the right colours in it!

By the way, I will definitely be following your blog for some style inspiration!

Thanks again for such a fab experience.


Maybe you have been thinking about having your colours done for some time? Well August is the perfect time as I have a very special Summer Offer on. If you book a Colour Consultation (£95) by 31 August 2013, you can bring a friend along for HALF PRICE! Being “Colourised” isn’t just for women either. In fact, men need it more as they don’t (usually) wear make-up so why not bring your other half? My diary for August is getting pretty busy due to this fantastic offer, especially at weekends, so get in touch today to book in.

Don’t forget you need to book by 31 August 2013 to claim the offer.

Contact me or 07801 341526


2 Responses to “Pssst! Do you wanna know a secret?”

  1. Not From Lapland August 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    It’s so true – i wear only a handful of my clothes and the rest languish in the wardrobe. I need to be colourised.

    • susanstylesyou August 23, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

      You most definitely do! Still time to take advantage of my August offer. Buy one Colour Consultation and get a second half price!

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