Specs Appeal

5 Aug

susanstylesyou specs

Another lovely email popped up in my inbox this morning.

Hannah had been given a Complete Makeover voucher for her birthday from her two lovely daughters. She was a little nervous when she arrived as she wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

She particularly wanted some advice about her glasses as she was off for an eye test the week after. Her current glasses were black and with quite sharp angles. Hannah had a rectangular shaped face. I explained that, to create harmony and balance, she should look for glasses which were more rounded to soften her face. Also that black was casting dark shadows on her face, which was making her look older.

She had quite a funky hairstyle which was bright red. I suggested that she should aim to have two pairs of glasses, one a bit more conservative for work in maybe tortoiseshell and then something a bit brighter in maybe red or green.

So I was very pleased to receive this. I can’t wait to hear how the shopping trip goes!

Dear Susan

Just an update on where I am with my styling.

I have ordered new glasses, and taken your advice on shape and colour, needless to say they were by no means the cheapest in the shop, however really nice and the more oval shape suited me much more.

I have added some key pieces to my wardrobe, taking on board in the colours you advised, in shoes, tops and trousers etc.

The guys at work are noticing a difference already.

I also went for a bra fitting on Wednesday, and couldn’t believe the difference this made. I have gone down a back size and up 2 cup sizes, unbelievable, but far more comfy.

Thank you for all your help.

Shopping trip planned next week with youngest daughter and faithful colour swatches.

Are you confused about glasses? I can help susan@susanstylesyou.com or 07801 341526



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