Dress to impress

1 Aug
Dress to impress

This is one of three Style Inspiration boards I sent to Andy following his Complete Makeover Consultation with me. It is an extra service I provide to all clients who book a Style Consultation with me. I don’t expect clients to go out and buy all these items. It is simply a way to show them how to channel their Style Personality and get them thinking in a new way. It also helps them to see how a complete outfit in their colours would look like too. Andy really wanted permission to push his style boundaries by making a statement and adding some quirky accessories. Also, as he has “Clear” colouring, he looks fantastic in bright and contrasting colours.

Here is the reply I received from Andy:

Hi Susan

I absolutely love some of the items you’ve recommended. Definitely going after the Blue blazer and pocket watch! 😀
Thanks for the advice on shorts too! People have noticed and commented on it already!

Once again thanks for you advice.

Regards Andy

I am like a gardener planting a seed (a lovely compliment I received from a recent client). Andy now knows how to dress to impress and has received many compliments!

Need some Style Inspiration? Get in touch!

07801 341526



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