All change…

25 Jul

I love receiving feedback from my clients and this one really made happy! Andy’s Mum bought him a Complete Makeover package (which includes a Colour and Style Consultation) for his birthday.

I realised quite quickly that Andy already had great style but he really needed permission to experiment a bit more and we came up with some great ideas and a massive shopping list! Andy was a “Clear” which means he can wear bright and contrasting colours. He was amazed at how different he looked in his new colours! This was the look we were going for:

susanstylesyou Romantic men

Hi Susan

It was great to meet you and I loved my session!
The day after I went out on a mini shopping spree. I went for a variety although I think my favourite buy was a pair of royal blue shorts they’re ace!
The guys I was with actually asked why I kept on going for brighter, more vibrant colours so I just said ‘Hey it’s summer, summer warrants bright clothes.’ Little did they know they were just my colours haha!
I have to admit since I’ve got my colours done I’ve been putting together better combinations of clothes and people have been commenting on it, so I can’t thank you enough.
Thanks for the links I’m thinking of going for a restyle of my work clothes so they’ll definitely come in handy!

Thanks again



Are you looking for a birthday present with a difference? You can purchase vouchers from my online shop.

Or maybe your wardrobe needs a bit of a restyle? Contact me or 07801 341526


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