Dr.Organic Anti Aging System

11 Jun

I’ve been trying out Dr.Organic Dead Sea Mineral Anti Aging Serum recently.

susanstylesyou dr.organic

susanstylesyou dr.organic 2

I am not one for being loyal to any particular skin care brand. I tend to try something new every time I need to replace something. I have been using this Dr.Organic serum under my moisturiser in the mornings. You know that feeling when you get out of the shower and dry your face and in a few minutes it begins to feel tight – just crying out for some goodness! This serum really comes into its own then. I was really impressed by how it really does hydrate the skin and leave it feeling revitalised and moisturised. I have been using it for about three weeks now and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin texture. It just kind of looks smoother and fresher. It is great for mature skins like “ahem” mine as it really does appear to reduce fine lines and gives a lovely “glowy” feel to the skin. It really is a miracle worker – especially if you’ve had a late night and “over-indulged”.

The blurb says the product is:

“fused with our proprietary blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients. This anti-aging system marks a new multifaceted approach to improving the various symptoms of premature skin aging such as wrinkles, skin texture and skin hydration.”

I was really surprised at the price of this product – just £13.99 and you can get two for just £20.98 at the moment on the Holland and Barrett website. It does last such a long time as you only need the tiniest blob to rehydrate your face.

Dr.Organic is suitable for sensitive skins as it uses only natural organic raw materials wherever possible. The products do not contain any SLS, parabens or artificial perfumes. The products are also cruelty free as they have never been tested on animals.

I must admit that the packaging doesn’t look terribly exciting and I am a bit like a magpie – drawn to sparkly things! However, considering the quality of the product, I am definitely now a fan. The whole range is very reasonably priced and I think I am going to try the Night Cream next!

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