And now for something completely different – Wreck My Dress!

4 Jun

I love my job as a Personal Stylist and really enjoy blogging. As a result of this I often get invites to exciting things like photo shoots, fashion shows, launches, beauty events etc. However, recently I was asked to attend the press launch of something really unique.

The venue was an absolutely fabulous house in Worsley (I am moving in next week!) and the event was the Wreck My Dress experience.

I had a browse over their website before hand. Yes it looked impressive but I didn’t really “get” what it was all about till I arrived on that lovely sunny morning.

I was welcomed with fresh coffee, orange juice and warm croissants and I began to wander around, drink in the atmosphere and chat to a few people. I knew this was going to be something really special.

I am not even going to try and explain it to you – just watch the video. Oh, and have tissues ready first.

They were actually filming a shoot while I was there – this very glam lady looked like a real portrait! She was going to be made into a playing card – the Queen of Hearts.

susanstylesyou wreck

The experience is VIP from start to finish and you will really feel like a film star. You can have THE top photographers, make-up artists, wardrobe people available to you to create your perfect video or photograph. Wreck My Dress is a luxury experience for a very special occasion and basically, anything can happen if you want it to. The stuff dreams are made of. I am saving up!


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