From Feeling Frumpy to Yummy Mummy!

19 May

You don’t need a Victoria Beckham-style bank balance to be a Yummy Mummy. After a Complete Makeover with Susan Styles You, you will know how to look fabulous with a minimum of time, effort and cash – yes, even on the school run…

It only takes small changes like slicking on some lip gloss,  grabbing a pair of stylish pumps that coordinate with your outfit, or throwing on a statement piece of jewellery or scarf.

Here’s what one (now) Yummy Mummy had to say after visiting Susan Styles You:


“I decided to come to you as it had been something I had been considering for a long time but after having James was feeling a bit old and frumpy so thought I needed a bit of a boost.  With a small child, clothes need to be comfortable and practical (especially in my case where I can’t wear tight fitting clothes around my stomach area to suck in the flab).  

Though I felt I knew mostly what colours suit me. I felt like my wardrobe was pretty drab.  As you explained that is partly due to the fact that I am a “Soft”.  Since the consultation I have been going through my wardrobe, and don’t think I have made too many drastically wrong colour choices (except black) as I have been very conservative and avoided most bright and pastel colours.  However, now I see on my colour chart many more options for brighter flattering shades that I can try.  Some I still worry about (like fuschia).  However, I have tried some that I would have never considered before like the rose pink, and the sky blue and I feel it suits me quite well, so I will be trying others in future too.

 Other advice that you gave me regarding the styles was very useful.  Though again, I felt I knew many of the “rules” from watching Gok, Trinny and Susanah etc, there were also many things I didn’t know, like the elbow length sleeves for example.  I have looked through some of my clothes and picked out some that I am going to toss and now I know why I never quite liked them enough to wear them regularly (or at all!!!).  Knowing more of the rules helps to understand why I mostly like something but there is something just not quite right about it, hopefully I can avoid mistakes more in the future.  For example the thing about the thinner fabrics, I didn’t know about and I have been seeing what difference it can make.  

So, I guess in summary even though I felt that I knew a fair bit of the theory, I just wasn’t happy with the way things looked.  Since I saw you, it has taught me a number of new things confirmed others and has given me confidence to be a bit more adventurous. Also I have been thinking a lot more strategically about outfits and buying clothes than I had before.”

Feeling frustrated with your wardrobe? Contact me on or call me on 07801 341526


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