Warning! Being “Colourised” is contagious!

11 May

This is why I love my job so much. Lisa’s Mum Sally was lucky to win my raffle prize of a Full Colour Consultation at a recent Oasis in the City event. She came along with Sally to observe and was totally blown away at the dramatic difference wearing the right colours can make. She phoned me the very next day to book in for her own Colour Consultation and since then her auntie has been for hers. All three ladies just love how wearing the right colours has made them look fresh, alive and healthy and all three have received compliments on their appearance since being “Colourised” by me!

I LOVE it when people get so excited that it becomes contagious! Who’s next?

“Hey Susan,

hope all is well with you.
Had lots of my colours on this week which is very exciting and I feel so much more confident!
The black is slowly creeping out of my wardrobe and I plan to go and make a few colour purchases later on today!
My auntie was so excited when she saw everything put together and she was like ‘OMG give me Susan’s Twitter!’.
Love Lisa x”
Have you been “Colourised” yet? Contact me susan@susanstylesyou.com or 07801 341526

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