Sunshine Colours

23 Apr

susanstylesyou summer

Even if the weather is rubbish I am determined to wear bright colours and these are the latest purchases to be added to my Spring wardrobe. I am very much of the opinion that accessories really do make an outfit.

The cute, multi coloured clutch is from Primark and the label says it is made of paper! It costs just £5 and I love it! It has a gold detachable shoulder strap which I immediately detached as I thought it made the bag look cheap. It has a has a very fine gold thread running through the colours which makes it look like it costs a lot more than £5!

Something that did cost a lot more than £5 is my Stella & Dot Zahara bib necklace which retails at £210! I have been lusting after this necklace since I signed up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist a year ago. This year I had to have it. I adore the multiple strands of dyed semi precious stones which are  hand knotted with bright turquoise thread. It is quite weighty but it feels so lovely to wear. Obviously, this necklace is an investment piece but it really is so versatile. It looks great with a plain coloured dress underneath or with prints. Worn with a plain vest top and jeans, it adds a bit of “oomph”. I love the way the colours in the bag totally complement the colours in the necklace. I will be wearing this necklace A LOT!

I added the sunglasses to the pic as I think they just look good. They are Missoni but purchased cheaply on the High Street from TK Maxx in Manchester last year. I highly recommend TK Maxx for amazing bargains, particularly in the sunglasses and bag department!

Just need a warm sunny day now …


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