Style Around the Clock

13 Apr
Style Around the Clock

I am hoping to be the lucky winner of Max Studio’s Style Around the Clock #aroundtheclock competition to win a dream night out, plus the outfit that I featured in my post above.

My time would be 6pm to 9pm. I would love to spend the time having a girlie night out with some of my friends. I work so hard at my job as a Personal Stylist that it would be fab to have some time to chill out, eat some fantastic food and let my hair down.I have a dramatic style personality and I love to make an entrance which is why I have chosen an eye catching red dress. This particular dress would make me feel very special! I love the asymmetric  hemline and the luxe feel. I always wear heels and I am well known for my statement shoes. You would never catch me in flat shoes on a night out, no matter what the key trends are, you will find me in heels! The snake sandals really fit my style personality and really do make a statement and the stacked heel is lovely.

So my perfect night out. There are so many fabulous and stylish restaurants and bars in Manchester it would be difficult to choose. I think I would start my evening at my favourite cocktail bar Cloud 23 in the Hilton Hotel for cocktails – my all time favourite is a DGM (Dirty Gin Martini). Cloud 23 is on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel with stunning views of Manchester – it is especially on a Summer’s evening. It is THE place to be seen and also a fab place to people watch. We would then head across the road to super trendy Australasia for some amazing fusion food. I adore sushi and I love the fact that you can each choose several small dishes and share. We would probably stay on more more cocktails and listen to the cool tunes. 9pm is a little early to head home so maybe I would stretch the time slot a little!


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