Flat Out!

27 Feb
Flat Out!
Ok, I can hear some of you breathing a sigh of relief. Platforms are soooo last year darling! The new trend for Spring/Summer 2013 is flats. As some of you know I have a love affair with heels and the higher the better so, even though Victoria Beckham herself has been stepping out in flats, you can be assured that this is a trend I won’t be embracing!
Flats sleek enough to be dress shoes were teamed with tailored suits and even evening wear on the Spring runways of Marc Jacobs and Giorgio Armani.The appearance of the power flat may be a sign of the times as life gets faster, busier and more demanding. A flat shoe offers speed, better balance and comfort.However, comfy does not have to mean frumpy! Flat shoes can be just as exciting as heels if you pay attention to the design. This season’s flats are feeling really fresh and the perfect complement to Spring’s silhouettes. So above are my top tips on what’s hot right now on the High Street. Colour is King this Spring. There are flats in every shade under the sun from brights to pastels to neons. Make a statement with a stud embellishment or look for snakeskin and patent leather. There has been a carry over from Autumn/Winter with the retro men’s smoking slipper. Strangely, there are lots of velvet flats around this Spring.  Another Autumn/Winter trend that has continued is a metal toe and I have noticed lots of laser cuts too. Rounded toes are out, so choose a pointy toes to keep it modern and stylish. Great for kicking ass (ballet pumps just wouldn’t cut it!) with the added bonus of giving the illusion of a longer leg.

So how should you be wearing your flats this Spring/Summer? Think about the length of your skirt. Flats look best with a shorter skirt (an inch above the knee). Flats will make your legs appear shorter so showing a bit more leg will gain that length back. You can create a modern touch with a slight flare. Wearing flats with a skirt that falls below the knee can make you look frumpy.

Flats look great with capris or 7/8 length trousers. A flash of ankle looks chic with a nod to Jackie O. Make sure the hem of your trousers does not fall over the back of your shoe as this will look sloppy. Don’t wear your flats with leggings unless you want to look like an 80s throwback!

And remember, if you don’t want to go completely flat, choose a pair with a petite half inch heel. The teensiest big of height will make your legs look longer and leaner. I might just about manage that!


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