Lovely feedback from Roberta!

3 Nov
It is always so touching when clients take the time to send me some feedback and Roberta’s was no exception – to be honest it brought a little tear to my eye! I visited Roberta at home to assess her wardrobe and managed to create quite a bit of space before our Personal Shopping trip in Manchester the week after.
“Well, yet another successful trip! I am so pleased with everything we bought and with how my wardrobe’s looking compared to last winter, so many things to choose from. I’m sure that the Wardrobe Consultation made all the difference, helping us to focus on the gaps we need to fill and now, decided what to wear is so much easier without all those “not worn for ages” items in the way.
I finally found a black tunic, from M&S on-line. It goes really well with the sapphire cardigan and compliments the B & W jacket perfectly.  I ordered the shoes with burgundy heels you found; just the compromise between style and comfort I was hoping for. I bought the shoulder pads you suggested. They make my cardigans look much more elegant.
I’ve had the teal dress shortened to a less frumpy looking just above the knee and now it looks great with that fabulous plumb cardigan. Once again, a colour I would never have gone for but now it’s one I’ll look out for. I went back to Monsoon but the tunic you thought might be of interest was a little too long. I am just about to have my Hobbs jeans altered. I think I have found the place you suggested. Still looking for a black handbag (so many of them are covered in gold) but I think I’ve decided on one now.
I was wondering if I could order the Stella & Dot Odette pendant. I think you’re right about it going with many of my outfits,and also the Stella & Dot Riviera coin earrings to go with the Maxi dress we bought in summer. Let me know what I would need  to do and how long they usually take.

So, I’ll close with another big thank you for all your input. With your guidance helping my to get it right I’m really starting to enjoy clothes again.”

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