The eyes have it!

25 Oct

Last Autumn/Winter, eyes were very neutral, but this year we are celebrating colour! Eyes are bold and dramatic. Choose your look from smokey or metallic. Don’t be shy with your eyeshadows this season, it’s all about getting good colour onto your lids and applying it well. The most current way to apply your eyeshadow is to colour block it and wing it further up to the eyebrow – not for the faint hearted! Also popular this Autumn/Winter, as seen on the Roberto Cavalli catwalk is the daringly dramatic “Peacock Eye”. This incorporates vibrant shades of teal, emerald green and purple. The results are truly stunning!

Colour Me Beautiful has some fabulous colours that can be applied alone or for more depth, you can mix them with water for a more intense effect. Hot colour trends right now are bright blues, neon oranges, daring purples and metallic greens.  Orange really makes a blue eye pop, while purple is fantastic for brown eyes. If you are used to traditional greys and browns, try something different like Golden Honey or Melon if you have a warm undertone to your skin or Midnight for a cool undertone. Does the thought of a full on bright eyeshadow scare you a bit? Then choose a new eye pencil. For warm undertones a lovely bright Teal will do the trick, or if you have a cool undertone, Amethyst looks amazing.

If you’re not confident with colour or feel it’s too ‘young’ a look for you, you can give the same impression by carefully layering the current colours in your palette. Start by using a highlighter shade all over the lid, then an eye-pencil followed by an accent colour and finally a blending shade. Use an eye-make up brush to blend the colours together for a polished look.

Remember to keep your lips more neutral and possibly matt if you are going for a dramatic eye.

An easy way to update your look is with a couple of new eyeshadows and a lipstick. Do you need some help to achieve a current make-up look? Have you thought of booking a Colour Me Beautiful make-up lesson? To purchase Colour Me Beautiful make-up or to book a Make-up Lesson, contact me for further details.


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