Fashion Faux Pas

30 Sep

Its official! The puffball skirt has been voted the biggest fashion faux pas of all time! It was popular at proms and discos alike during the 1980s. The trend was embraced in the 80s by Madonna and Pepsi and Shirlie, and, I have to admit, me! I absolutely adored the trend and thought I looked cute and sexy in my puffball skirt.

Smart slip on shoes worn with white socks and socks with sandals came a close second and others that made the list were velour tracksuits, bumbags and leg warmers. Please share with me your own fashion faux pas!

Figures show that the average person spends nearly £150 a year on clothes they never wear and 20 per cent of those interviewed admitted to having items in the wardrobes they were hanging onto , hoping they would come back into fashion. One fifth of people were embarrassed to look back on old photos, with evidence of their fashion mistakes for all to see.

Yves St Laurent famously once said “Fashions fade, style is eternal”.  As a Personal Stylist, I think it is essential that you look your absolute best. To do this you need to look at your own personal colouring, your body shape and your style personality. Of course, it is fun to follow fashion, but if you focus on what suits you personally you will end up with a wardrobe of clothes that will last you season after season. If you have a dress that is in your colour, suits your body shape and your style personality, but it is five years old, does it really matter? A well dressed woman understands trends and uses fads and fashions as fun items in her wardrobe.  For example, the shops are full of lots of plums, burgundies and wine colours right now. As a redhead, these are not my best colours, but if I mix them with some orange or maybe teal, I can carry them off. Head to toe burgundy on me would be just too bleurgh!

So why is image so important? Because in every walk of life, we are judged on our appearance. When you feel good, you have more confidence, you stand straighter, you smile more and you speak with more conviction. If you are dressed in the right colours, people will see YOU and not the clothes you are wearing. Have you become a little too comfortable in your clothing choices and are you maybe wearing the same old standbys every day? Sometimes all it takes is tweaking the basics you already have to look fabulous.

When you go shopping and you try something on ask yourself “Do I like myself in this?” Remember to look at yourself from all angles in the mirror. Be wary of the shop assistant. She may be on commission and some will just want a sale. Always remember it is not the cost of the item that matters it is how many times you wear it. An expensive item you wear over and over is obviously much better than a bargain you wear maybe once or twice. Investment pieces should be the core of your wardrobe.

Remember, I am always available for Colour and Style advice, Wardrobe Make-overs and Personal Shopping. Manchester is the city of style and the world is our oyster!


2 Responses to “Fashion Faux Pas”

  1. louise September 30, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    I hate puffball skirts, but I am fond of legwarmers, albeit I have none right now. Not all shop assistants just want a sale, I work in a shop where we are told to advise customers if they are trying something that isn’t a good choice for them.

    • susanstylesyou September 30, 2012 at 11:32 am #

      Hi Louise I do agree that not all shop assistants want a sale and there are some great assistants like yourself who will offer advice on body shapes etc. But I have asked a few shop assistants if they would intervene if they though a dress, for example did not suit the customer and they have admitted that they wouldn’t. Keep up the good work!

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