Susan’s Style Search

25 Sep

I recently had lunch in Gorilla, a fab new restaurant in Manchester. My waitress was the delightful Natalie.
I  was immediately struck by her individual style. I love her cool, edgy look. She is wearing an H&M striped t-shirt with leggings from American Apparel and Doc Martins. The contrasting colours really suit her and I love her clean make-up, with a cheeky splash of red lipstick and slicked back hair
Her choice of clothes tend to be quite masculine but she told me she loves to put her own feminine take on things, which I think she makes an excellent job of! Natalie loves the androgynous look and mentioned Theo Hutchcraft (lead singer of Hurts) as her style influence.

Keep rocking that look Natalie – you look fab!

PS Do check out Gorilla – lovely, healthy food, nice staff and they do a mean Bloody Mary!


One Response to “Susan’s Style Search”

  1. Redbytten September 25, 2012 at 2:42 pm #

    Those American Apparel leggings are ubiquitous in any bar or restaurant in the Northern Quarter at the minute, all the girls there seem to be wearing them! Fab if you can carry them off (not for me, then!!)

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