Lovely new feedback from Rose!

25 Aug


I am always touched when I receive lovely feedback from a client and this email is no exception!

Rose contacted me for a Personal Shopping trip (my favourite project) earlier on in the summer. She had lost her way a bit with colours. I knew she would look fab in clear, bright colours but she was a bit scared of them. After having coffee with her to discuss her requirements a few weeks before, we met at the Trafford Centre. Our first stop was Marks & Spencers. I persuaded her to try on a cyclamen linen jacket with a white t shirt and matching scarf. As you can see below she loved her new look!

“Hi Susan, I have been meaning to let you know how I’ve got on but the weeks have flown by as things have been chaotic – will spare you the details.

I went back to M + S a couple of days later and found an pair of white pants in a very similar style + length (tiny bit shorter) to the red ones but with no turn-ups. They were a great fit.. I absolutely love the pink  M + S jacket by the way.  

I have been wearing a Mint Velvet striped top, that I bought last year, with the white pants and stripy shoes.  I also found a red and white poker-dot scarf, which I have been tying at the side, to finish off the red pants + shoes outfit. I’ve been complemented on this outfit so many times and told on several occasions that it looks Parisian.

Finally, I have worn the maxi dress a couple of times and feel great in it. The colours and style are fab.  Again, so many compliments and, as with the pink jacket, I don’t think I would have tried it on if I’d been on my own. 

In short, I’ve been wearing everything we bought and feel good in all of it and even though I had to finish off buying a few bits at least I new exactly what I was looking for. So I feel it was a very successful day that put me back on track.
Saving up for phase two, hopefully around the end of Sept. beginning Oct.
So it’s a big thank you and, once again, sorry for taking so long to get back.”

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