Get Sporty!

5 Aug

Back in September 2011 when the Paris, London, Milan catwalks were full of Spring 2012 trends the impending Olympics influence was obvious. The Marc Jacobs of this world showed zipped-up tracked suits, and even Jimmy Choo were showing some Sport Deluxe platform lace-up and wedges all-in-one shoes!

However, it isn’t all about labels or models on the catwalks, it’s about real women going to their every day activities – one of them being sports and exercise.

So you’ll want to wear the right gear of course, and this will depend on the sport/exercise you do, but it is most likely to be in an absorbent fabric which will stretch when it needs to stretch both for movement and general comfort. You may choose to layer your garments and shed these as you warm up and get into your routine.

You will be at your most vulnerable – look-wise – when you get finished with your sport or exercise regime. Your hair may stick to your head, your eye make-up (if you wore any) may be running, you’ll be flushed, hot and sticky. If you want to look your best, all you need to do is WEAR YOUR RIGHT COLOURS! Wearing your right colours will give you the confidence that you look as best as you can given the circumstances ! Red is always an energising colour. If orange is in your palette, go for it too. Pink, will give you a sense of girliness and romanticism. Teals and aquas are great too and may also remind you of holidaying by the seaside and running on the beach.

You can wear your neutral colours – but make sure they are yours and not those of someone else. Get out of black, and think navies, browns, dark greens and purples.

Make sure you choose the right neckline.  If you have a short neck/heavier bust, you are best to wear a top with a V-neck; If you have a long neck and/or small bust, feel free to wear a higher round-neck T-shirt.

Be aware of where your sleeve stops: avoid the widest part of the upper arm.

If you are short-waisted: don’t tuck in; if you are long-waisted: do tuck in!

If you are in any doubt about what to wear and in which colours, I am here to you help you.
Keep your make-up routine natural, nice and easy when exercising.

All you need is a TINTED MOISTURISER (there are three shades of Colour Me Beautiful tinted moisturiser to choose from), a CREAM BLUSH (choose from Lychee (cool) and Melba (warm), a MASCARA (Black Brown, Warm Brown, or Navy) and finish your routine with a delicious LIP GLOSS in the right colour.

If you are not quite sure how to work the Colour Me Beautiful summer make-up magic, come and see me for a make-up know-how. I’d love to help you get the best colours for you.


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