Online clothes shopping just got easier!

29 Jul

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy clothes online only to find that they don’t fit? A size 12 in Marks & Spencer, for example could be a size 16 in Dorothy Perkins. We have all been there. You spot a fantastic dress online and they have it in stock in your style, size and colour. You order it for a special occasion. It arrives, beautifully packaged and you excitedly try it on. The label says it is your size but it gapes around your waist? Or the bust is too small? What a disappointment, then you have the added hassle of repackaging the item and spending your lunch hour at the post office to return it.

The truth is there is no standard sizing in this country. Shops can make up their own sizing and they do it to make us feel good about ourselves, labelling larger clothes as smaller. Apparently this makes us think we are slimmer.

Listen up ladies, I have found the solution! Check out Cecilia Plum.

Cecila Plum can help you choose your correct size more accurately across a wide variety of retailers. All you need to do is enter your measurements. Cecilia Plum achieves this by analysing the garment measurements of each retailer and combining these with your measurements. Genius!

There is a massive selection of clothes to choose from. So now you can shop online with the assurance that your selected items will actually fit you. You can even create a wish list too.

And Cecilia Plum will also email you when stores have special offers or sales on so you won’t miss out on the bargains.

Sign up to Cecilia Plum today and let me know how you get on!


2 Responses to “Online clothes shopping just got easier!”

  1. Maria @ Feisty Tapas August 5, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    Oooh this is interesting, I’m going to try it out. Here from Kizzy’s Social Sunday, I’m the one with the mail and paperwork organiser post, trust me I’m not organised by nature so I need this kind of extra push to keep me on top of things.

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